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September 19

One of the key considerations for residents in Hong Kong when they arrange health insurance or select a VHIS plan is the cost or the amount they will have to pay for their health care cover.

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If you are trying to find health insurance you will notice that the cost can vary greatly between the health insurance companies and it is not always the case that you pay for what you get.

In fact, in many occassions it is the cheap health insurance or more affordable medical cover that comes from the best insurance companies.

There are a number of factors other than which health insurance company you use that can affect the cost.  Many of the providers will have alternative options within their range of health insurance plans for you to choose from.  The options are many and you will have to decide whether you want hospital cover or if you want to include outpatient treatment.  You will need to ask yourself if you need to have optional health insurance benefits such as dental or maternity insurance and finally do you want to make your cover cheaper by including a co-insurance as the plans are cheaper with deductibles.

NowCompare is able to compare the health insurance market for you which makes review different insurance easier and quicker and will help you make that final decision.

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